Services outside Mityana

Today we drove down the famous Cow-paths again, basically the same route as last year. We came to a different group of believers, a small flock that has taken a stand for the revelation given to us for this end time. A brother at 67, recently chose to go this way with the Lord. He has been head of the Pentecostal federation for many years , but was convinced of the baptism In The name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This resulted in dismissal from the system. He is a wonderful brother and a positive addition to the group of believers.

After the meeting we had water baptism, and we drove down to a stream where the water was deep enough for the action. The water was not so clean, but it probably was not the point. Three people were baptized today and our friends rejoized in signing.

Bro. Leo is constantly looking for a better vehicle, so tomorrow it maybe a new device that brings us out in the sticks again.

Today i ministered on knowing the Lord. There grew up a generation that knew not the Lord. A thought which challenges us to know the Lord from the experience; and not just from the outside knowledge and memorizing quotes and verses .

Paul thought he knew about the Lord, but when Jesus appeared to him, he realized that he had never known the Lord as he should. The same danger prevails in our time . We can obtain a lot of knowledge , but may be without experience and involvement in spiritual knowledge. That challenge is evident; and a challenge to all people, and we are no exception. May we be able to say like Paul, “and he was last seen by me, as one born out Of due time, not worthy to be called Apostle . ” May we all see Him revealed in us.

God bless you all.