Tortuous roads and wonderful worship

Friday we went out to a group of believers that we visited last year. It was one of the most tortuous narrow paths one can imagine driving on. But this is everyday life with these friends. Last year they had lost their assembly hall because of internal strife, but it did not stop them that time. They rose up some poles, a tarp stretched over poles as a canopy, and there we had a meeting. I remember that everyone came forward for prayer at that time. They would have certainty about the Holy Spirit baptism in their lives.

Yesterday, when we came to the same place, was now a ready-built facilities, than though simple forms, so they now had a roof over their head. It was very fine, for under the meeting it started to rain and here we stood under the roof and could continue unimpeded in our praise. The kitchen was still out in the open, so that the chefs who were cooking at the food stand, between meetings, was still there in the rain unobstructed and prepared along what was served afterwards. It was served meat of unknown kind, cooked in sauce, with kooked mashed bananas, rice and some kind of potatoes and pumpkin, and it was plentiful to all who wanted them. It was delicious.

After the food we had a meeting again. It was an all day experience. The worship were great and the topic we preached was received with enthusiasm and thanksgiving. After the last meeting, everyone came forward to intercede again for different needs. It was from the oldest to the youngest. When children from two years old go forward on their own initiative, it is just touching. Those who could not walk even were carried by their parents. Also the parents of the girl who died last Sunday, that I spoke of, came for prayer.

I remember we took some pictures of the meetings last year when we were here and those we found out from the album and showed our friends. I remember we visited the pastor’s home and we had a prayer there. It is one of the simplest homes imaginable. Bro. Leo told me that it was there that he spent the night when he was at the meetings. We stopped by the pastor’s home and had a new prayer before we started returning back to Mytiana.

There was another car that day and the local drivers raced along the narrow paths. You would think they have all the world’s space. Darkness fell before we began the return, as the meetings lasted all day.

It is rewarding to stand there under God’s mighty roof and know that He sees our motives

It is rewarding to stand there, under God’s mighty roof (the universe) and know that He sees our motives, and one day he will raise us up into his wondrous kingdom and offer us eternal life, and a marvelous community with all the friends that he has given us in this world. That will be quite a day. God bless you all. Press on, it’s going to be worth all your hard work and toil on earth. The reward will be indescribable.