First day in Hong Kong

Our first day is over here in Hong Kong. We met our contact in the Mong Kok district. It is a district teeming with life in the streets. Here there are shops and stands in the streets throughout the year in an isolated zone of the city. A multitude of people are out walking all day from morning to night.

We also get a chance to get in tune with the Eastern time zone so we are not completely jet-lagged. Today we met Sister Agnes at midday. Tomorrow it will be approximately at 8.30. It is depending on her job situation, which really takes most of her time during the day. It is not exactly an 8 hours work daytime schedule here. It is also time to respond to different incoming questions from different friends around the world.

The temperature is about 25 C, but we expect much more when we land in the Philippines. So this becomes a sort of transition from the Norwegian winter to the more extreme heat in Angeles as we remember from previous years.

On the spiritual battlefront it is still the Godhead which is the burning thema. This has probably been the situation for thousands of years, and is probably nowhere near a solved topic yet. The way people are raised and been trained, thats the way they also have the tendency to fall back to; in their old mind, even if they get an update that would indicate a better understanding and revelation; than they had before. It is not just enough to have an update on it. There must come a revelation to it, which can change the whole logic of our thinking. Was it not the Communists who said it like this; “Give me the child until it is seven years old, so I’ll give you the man.” People tend to fall back into the routine circles; when the experiences are only related to education.

What happened to Paul’s life; was an open experience that led him to understand; that he was really helping in persecuting Jesus; instead of following God’s voice. At first he thought he was a follower of God’s law, but later found out that he was a persecutor of the Only true God. This experience shocked him so much that he never again fell back into the old groove. My prayer is; that the same thing happen to us also, so we are not be found bouncing from branch to branch, as the direction of the tide turns. God bless you all.