After church service in Marikina

Great Church Service In Marikina

It is Thursday in Manila. Our first meeting in Marikina is over. Our friends have great expectations for the meetings, and already there are some who say, why just three days? Well, the only thing I can say is that we’ll have to look at every day as being a Sunday. The weekend is really the big meeting day, and most people look toward to  coming to attend the services then.

We have to look at every day as being a Sunday

For me it is impossible to imagine only Sunday as a meeting day. When we travel as we do every day is in a way a Sunday. Every day is important and gives us an opportunity to reach more people, especially since there are seven days in a week. So I said to those who asked me this way that now we have to consider both Wednesday, Thursday and Friday a Sunday also. Let us therefore use these days together as well as humanly possible.

Last night I made a list of all the opportunities the Lord has given mankind. From the Garden of Eden to the present day, the Lord has offered and invited us to walk with Him. He has facilitated all opportunities to have fellowship with Him. All we have done with these possibilities is really to create confusion, so He has had to terminate the seasons and constantly make new exemptions.

When we finally destroyed all possibilities for a continuation of the status quo, then the Lord was forced to end the dispensation. Otherwise there would not be a single soul left to wander into something positive in fellowship with Him.

Otherwise it would not be left a single soul to wander into something positive in fellowship with Him

Mankind has always tended to fall into anarchy, possessing a morbid attitude of being the world’s focal point. We also have a distinctive attitude that says, if I do not get it, then no one is going to get it! In this way we create a destructive path where only we have the right to the beginnig or the end. We look at the time we live in now and we deny a presence of God. If people in a way acknowledge the existence of a God, then they use it to denigrate His so called ability to protect humanity against evil, wars and disasters.

Very few people seem to understand the meaning of this life’s existence. It is a short-term part of what we will later experience – namely a perpetual state of communion with our Creator. So whether man lives a few months or until a 100 years he is judged by the fidelity and attitude he had in the time he gets here on Earth. One of the prophets once said this after he had been through so much of human evil and dominating leaders; O that I never had entered out of the womb. Why did I come out of the womb when I just would experience toil and sorrow and end my days in shame (Jeremiah 8:18). And in the book of Job; Why did not I die when I was born, expire immediately when I came forth from the womb (Job 3:11).

In this way we can all reflect on the fate which could come upon us. But these men of God had a better understanding of life seriously, and always came back to the reason for existence here on earth.

Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I return. The Lord gave, and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord  – Job . 1:21

Some people maybe would have had the better of dying prematurely. Then they had not been able to inflict mankind and involved so many disorders. I am however glad that it is God who decides the beginning and end of a man’s life. Then we who are alive will have the opportunity to prove to God that the purpose He had with us got its best outcome. We at least get the opportunity to show our true face. Let us continue to remind each other of the opportunity we have been given to be a true tool in the time we live.

God bless you all!