We have arrived in Harare, Zimbabve

We have arrived Harare in Zimbabwe. The journey from Johannesburg went well, and we met some new friends that were on the way to another convention in Harare; on the plane. It is obviously a big holiday this coming weekend in this country. Bro. Albert Matimbe with family, as well as Bro Absalom Matimbe met us at the airport and welcomed us. The reunion was great and we look forward to some great days together with our friends.

Last night at Colin and Abigail, the atmosphere was high; and the living room was filled with people. It was exiting to see their living room filled up like that. We are delighted with them. Yesterday there was an earthquake late at night. That was the first time for Johannesburg. A bridge collapsed and fell down across one of the largest highways on the way to the main airport here. We picked up bro. Tim McKay from the airport just a few hours before the quake. On our trip to the airport today, we saw that the road was closed and we could see this bridge laying over the road as we drove past. They were now carrying out cleaning work. Some cars had been damaged when the bridge fell over them, but we do not know if people were hurt yet.

You never know what can happen. Earthquakes and accidents are happening all over this earth. We only pray to fulfill our part of the job, and are placing our life and all events in the Lord’s hands. Everything is fine with us.