Dreams of bro Jackson


The first dream that I will tell is the one concerning Bro Branham, and the rock of revelation. Many of you have heard it already, but for the sake of the message, I am going to tell it, just as Paul gave testimony of his vision, and the events that took place on the road to Damascus.


In February of 1961, after the church ages were preached in December of 1960, I saw myself in this dream walking over rolling countryside. I knew that I was going to a certain point, where, when I arrived, I would find the place very congested, with many people that had gathered there from every direction. This was all in my mind as I was walking. Then after a period of time I began to notice that from every angle, I could see people approaching, coming from the north, south, east, and west. I could see myself still walking, constantly moving closer to a certain place where I knew that we would all gather. Finally, I saw myself as I came up over this last little knoll, in a rolling countryside, and looking down through a long valley in front of me, I saw a little figure standing by a rock, protruding out of the ground. As I saw the little figure standing there, I immediately knew who the man was. By this time the whole landscape was covered with a great throng of people, converging into a great circle, around that little man, there in the valley. As we all began to get closer, the circle became very congested. People were rubbing elbows with each other, but kept on crowding, moving in closer until we were within just a few feet of the man. Then, I hear myself, in the dream, yell out, really loud, saying, LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAYS, FOR HE WILL NOT ALWAYS BE HERE! (Now he never told this, that night, when he referred to the dream, in the message, Sirs, is This the Time.) I kept on walking until the whole circle was really pressed in tight around him. Then, I spoke the second time, and said, LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAYS, FOR HE WILL NOT ALWAYS BE WITH US. (Now you will notice that the two statements are different.) The first, was, HE WILL NOT ALWAYS BE HERE, and the second was, HE WILL NOT ALWAYS BE WITH US.

Now remember, brothers and sisters: I had that dream in February 1961, but I carried it in my bosom until October 1962. In the dream, as we all stood there, I noticed, laying on top of that big rock, a large pinch bar, like they use in rock quarries. I knew that the little man standing there was the only one who knew how to use it. I noticed in the top layer of that rock, was a little hair line crevice, which let me know that there was a crack in the structure of that layer of the rock. And I noticed, in that top layer, large, engraved, words which read, THE ROCK OF REVEALED TRUTH, beautiful letters! Then, as everyone had stopped, and was standing there, he took that bar and drew back, and jabbed it into that little crevice, and lifted that whole shelf of rock. With that, he began to work it, till he slid the whole top layer of that rock all the way off, exposing fresh rock, that had never been exposed to sunlight nor weather. After he did that, he laid that pinch bar on the shelf of that rock, then he turned to look at the people, and said STAND BY THIS. Then he began to slowly move out of the circle, as the people crowded in to look. Something inside of me said WATCH HIM. Therefore, I just sort of turned side ways, so that out of the corner of my eye, I just watch his little profile, while noticing that he had began walking westward. As he continued walking westward, I could see him going over little summits, and then down in the valleys, up and down, until I began to notice that each time he came up, his silhouette was getting smaller, and smaller. Then I noticed that the sun was going down in the west, casting its evening shadows back across the earth. As I stood there watching his little silhouette go over the horizon, there was a feeling came into me; I will never see him again. Then as I turned back to look at the rock for just a moment. I could see that everyone was very busy, looking at that fresh rock, but then they began lifting their heads from looking at the rock, and realizing that Bro Branham was no longer there, they began to say, WHERE DID BRO. BRANHAM GO? WHERE IS BRO. BRANHAM? WHERE IS BRO. BRANHAM!? Becoming frantic as they asked the question. Suddenly, there was mass confusion, as they all began running in the many directions, and screaming, yelling, and crying. All you could hear, was OH, BRO BRANHAM! WHERE IS BRO. BRANHAM! OH, BRO. BRANHAM! On, and on they went, running in every direction, calling his name in this frantic way. Even as I came out of the dream, I could still hear them yelling, Bro Branham ! It was just like an echo, as I heard it over and over still. With all of that, it left only a few of us standing by the rock, and standing there together, looking toward the west, we had a great feeling of sadness, as we realized that he was gone, never to return anymore. Yet I could see us still standing by that rock.


I never told that dream until October 1962. Br Branham came to our church on prayer meeting night, when we were still over here in Clarksville at the old building. After he had finished preaching and the service was dismissed, people began to gather around him to talk and ask questions. I wanted to tell him this dream, but I did not know how to do it without being rude. Just then, someone pulled up in front of the church with someone sick in the car, and asked Bro. Branham to come out and pray for the person. He turned to me, and said, Bro Jackson let us go out there and pray. When we were finished praying, and the car had pulled away, I was standing there with Bro Branham and Billy Paul. I said, Bro. Branham, I have a dream that I would like to tell you. He responded by saying, let us go sit in the car. With Billy Paul as a witness, I sat right there in his station wagon and related that dream to him. When I finished, he said.,Bro Jackson ; no one else knows this yet, but that is about to happen. We are planning to move west. That would mean he would no longer be here in this area. After that he said, Bro Jackson ; when this all comes to pass, STICK WITH THE WORD, (as he laid his Bible over on the dash), for they will go after everything, teaching everything.

Then in December 1962 he made reference to that dream in his message Sirs, is This the Time, just a few nights before they left, to move to Tucson, Arizona in the beginning of 1963. Then in March, of 1963, he came back and preached the seals, you know how long he lived after that. Now we no longer have him with us. Do you see why the dream had the two different statements in it? HE WILL NOT ALWAYS BE HERE, pertained to his moving away from this area, but HE WILL NOT ALWAYS BE WITH US, PERTAIN TO HIS DEATH. We can see that most of the element of people that followed his ministry has gone and done just exactly as he said they would do. They have taught everything. Then they will say, now, Bro Jackson, I think we ought to try and understand each other, and love one another, and let each man teach the message as he sees it. Brother! That might be the way you would interpret the message, but God will never accept it like that. God did not send that man to produce a church, and a ministry like that. He sent him to bring us a message, so that we could see and hear by the Holy Ghost a message of restored truth to God’s word.

I will never forget, as he came back here and preached those seals, referring to this dream, and how it was being fulfilled even then, how conscious I was of the part of the dream that said, He will not always be with us. Now I am thoroughly convinced that the rock in that dream was the TRUE REVELATED WORD OF GOD, even though many of the people have gone after the man, rather than the word of God that the man brought to us. Nevertheless, I am grateful to God that he gave me the privilege and opportunity to sit under that man’s ministry. Furthermore, I want you who would read this message to know that I loyally stand behind this man’s character, God’s purpose in his life, his testimony, and the true Christian example that he set before us. I stand firmly upon the revelation that he brought, to place us back in the word of God, so that we might have our feet planted on that sure foundation, which is Jesus Christ, the true and living word. All of these things have worked together, to make me even more determined and firm, in standing for the word of God. My critics will come and go, but the word of God will stand the test through it all.


The next dream that I will tell, is one that many of you know about also, but I want it in this message, for I give it in defense of why I feel that God has enabled us to teach some things that we have taught. It is the horse dream that I had in December 1964. On this particular night, I was awakened by a telephone call. It was sister Wright calling. She said Bro. Junie, (that is what they always called me), little Edith has just passed away, and she had requested that you preach her funeral. Brothers and sisters; as I went back to bed, I said to my wife, Honey, this fulfills a dream that I had exactly seven years ago to the month.

In December 1957, my wife and I took our little children and went to Cuba. While we were on that trip, I saw myself in a dream one night, looking and seeing Bro. William Beanham standing with Sister Wright on one side of him, and Sister Hattie Wright on the other side, and Bro Branham was praying for little Edith. He was lifting her up to God in prayer, and in the dream, I was watching this scene. As I continued to watch, I could see that Bro Branham was praying with such a great burden upon his soul as he lifted her up to God. He was asking God to be gracious to this crippled girl and heal her. Sister Wright, and Sister Hattie, were the two women of the house that had taken care of little Edith, and ministered to her needs through the years. Here they stood, one on each side of Bro Branham with me watching, but then the scene changed. The next thing that I saw was a scene of me walking into a funeral parlor. I saw a casket sitting in one corner, and there was no one except me, in there. I saw myself walk over to the casket; the lid was closed, but there was a little card laying on the lid of the casket, which read, funeral services will be conducted at such and such a place, on such and such a date, by Rev. Raymond Jackson. Having had that dream in December 1957, seven years before it came to pass, naturally, Bro Branham still lived in this area at that time. I came back from Cuba, and all through the following years, I thought, that just cannot be, for Bro Branham’s life has been very closely associated with the George Wright family all through the years. If anything should happen to that crippled girl, he would fly around the world to come to her. But, do you know, brothers and sisters, the Lord did not take Sister Edith while Bro Branham still lived in this area. He waited until he had moved to Arizona, and was in a meeting so that he was unable to come here for the funeral. Then Sister Edith became very ill, and she died. That very day, as I went to the Swarens Funeral Home at Ramsey and walked in that place, it was just exactly like I had seen it in the dream; while in Cuba, seven years to the month, before it happened; not one detail different.


When I went back to bed that night, after receiving the call, I briefly discussed the dream with my wife, and then I fell asleep. That is when I had the HORSE DREAM. I saw myself, and my wife in the car, traveling down the highway. I was going somewhere to a meeting that I had never been before. Just then I saw a speck in the sky. My wife was driving, and I was sitting on the right side, relaxing. I kept watching that speck as it seemed to be moving toward me. As it got closer, I saw that it was a man on a horse. Can you imagine what you would feel like, if you saw a man riding a horse in the sky? You would probably feel like I did. You would wonder if you were really seeing what it looked like you were seeing. I thought, I must be crazy, so I turned my head. Then, after a little while, I thought, I will take another look. When I did, I saw that the horse was coming very fast, right toward us. I knew that it was coming right to a place where it would intersect us. I thought, I surely must be seeing things, then I said to my wife, Honey, pull off the road and stop. I want to watch this. There is a man on a horse in the sky. I wouldn’t even look again until she got the car off the road and stopped. That was my human reaction to such a thing. Then when she had pulled the car off and brought it to a stop, I turned to look again, and the horse was already on the ground, just a few feet in front of the car, a little further off of the road. I immediately recognized the rider. He was dressed like a government range rider. I have seen them in the west. The rider was non other than Bro William Branham. This magnificent white horse was standing at attention, much like a Calvary horse would. The rider just turned a half turn in the saddle and pointed his finger toward me, and said, YOU, GET READY, THERE IS A JOB FOR YOU TO DO, and again he raised his hand and pointed to me, and said, PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE WORK WHEREIN YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED TO FULFILL, the third time he raised his hand and pointed to me, he said, IF YOU WILL BELIEVE THESE WORDS, A POWERFUL HORSE WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU TO CARRY YOU IN THE CALLING WHEREUNTO YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED. With that he touched the reins and that horse turned and took to the sky. I sat there in the car and watched as he rode that horse right into the sun. After he was completely out of sight, I looked back and right in the same spot, stood another horse exactly like the first one, but it was smaller. BROTHER! IT WAS SMALLER. Therefore, I know that there is no way that Raymond Jackson can be bigger. When my critics say, he is just trying to outrun the prophet, you are wrong! My horse was smaller, BUT, BROTHER! I AM GOING TO RIDE THAT HORSE. He was a little smaller, but I could tell that he was of the same breed as the one that Bro Branham was on, and I knew that it had come from the same place, and had been trained, the same as the other one. I noticed that he was already saddled, and bridled, so I said to my wife, Honey, I am going to try him out. At that, I went over to where the horse was standing at attention. I stepped up into the saddle, and immediately noticed that the stirrups were already adjusted for me! I just touched the reins and that little animal made a turn and headed to the sky. As I sat there in the saddle, I looked upon the head of that little animal, which was running with such ease, and said to myself, This animal runs with such ease, there seems to be no labor to his body. As I said these words, I realized that we were lifting higher, and seemed to be getting faster, and the thought came to me, There is no end to where this horse will take me if I but let him go, but he will do whatsoever I ask him. With that thought still fresh in my mind, I said to myself, But I am only trying him out, I must go back, I barely touched the reins to give the direction to the little animal, and he turned in the sky and brought me right back to the same spot where he started from. As I dismounted and got back in the car, the door slammed and I awoke from the dream. The dream was quite an unusual one. You just do not see men riding horses in the sky. For a long time, I treated it as nothing. Time marched on until July of 1965 when I received a call from a place in North Carolina, asking me to come for a meeting, a place I had never been before. When I received the call, I immediately thought of the horse dream, and wondered if this could have anything to do with that? Could this be the beginning of the fulfillment of that dream? After praying about it, I later called the party, and said, the Lord willing, I will be there.


In the light of these developments, I felt that I wanted to talk to Bro Branham about the dream, mainly because it was such an unusual one, and because it involved him. I phoned to ask permission for an interview with him, and arrangements were made for me to have the interview, on Sunday morning, August 1, 1965. On that certain Sunday morning, with my wife present, I told Bro Beanham the dream. When I had finished telling it to him, he looked at me and said these words,Bro Jackson, something is about to happen, and when it does, you will have a work to do. I do not know what it is, he said, but this I do know, THE HORSE IS THE POWER OF THE WORD. Then he picked up his bible, and pointed to it, saying to me, “STICK WITH THE WORD”. I said, “Bro. Branham, I will do my utmost to do that”. Then he repeated himself, saying again, “Bro. Jackson, something is about to happen, I do not know what it is, but when it does, you will have a work to do, Bro Jackson, STICK WITH THE WORD! I KNOW WHAT THAT HORSE IS, HE SAID, IT IS THE POWER OF THE WORD. After hearing him say that, I left the room, that morning, feeling confident in my heart, that when all of this began to take place, THE HORSE WOULD BE THE POWER OF THE WORD”. I knew that the word, power, did not mean explosive, or forceful, it meant authority. In this case, it meant, the authority to handle the word of God. There was still a big question in my mind, as I left there that day. He had told me what the horse was, but he did not tell me what my job would be. You know, brothers and sisters; I prayed and sought the Lord about that in the days that followed, for I knew that if I had a job to do, that encompassed the authority of the word, it would have to be a job that would line up with the scripture. It would have to fit within the age of grace that we are living in. Therefore, I began to search the scriptures, thinking to myself, to have any authority over the word, it would have to be something to do with the five fold ministry. I firmly believed, and had been preaching in my own ministry, that the true church of the living God, (the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ), would have to have, somewhere in her midst, that five fold ministries of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, before she could ever be restored back to the image of the church that we read about in the book of Acts.

Now, I would like to say, to all of you who will read this article, I knew that there could never be a five fold ministry on the scene, until after something had happened to get the church in shape for such a ministry. Something would have to happen, that would restore back to the true church, the true word, that the early church was founded on. That would present an opportunity, and a platform, by which such a ministry could pick it up and have something to stand for, right on out to the very end. Over the weeks and months that followed, as I continued to seek the Lord about this, I received many invitations to come to various places for meetings. I accepted many of them as the Lord led me to do so, for my decision, in the face of much criticism, was to press on in the ministry that I had been called to.


The next morning, after telling Bro Branham the dream, I left home, traveling East, for that meeting. I recalled, as I drove along, that in the dream, when I was trying out the horse, he too, had gone East. As I traveled East, I knew that God was beginning to set that dream in fulfillment.

It seemed that from that time on out through the rest of the year, the followers of Bro Branham began to be plagued with every kind of wild statement that the devil was capable of putting in the minds of people. They began to say that Jesus was off of the mercy seat, and that there was nothing else to be done, that there was no need to preach anymore, and many of them accused me of running in circles because of my continuing to accept preaching engagements. Some of them were heard to say that I was running, out of the will of God, just trying to make a name for myself. This forced me to have to make a decision, would I listen to people, or would I listen to God. The choice was an easy one, for I had determined, a long time before that, to follow God wherever He might lead me. It was the results of that decision that were hard for me, for it brought about many broken fellowships, and the loss of many close friends, but as the apostle Paul said, so long ago, so say I, “None of these things move me, for to be faithful to God is first and foremost in my life”. I would like to say that I have no feelings of animosity toward the people. There is no malice in my heart because of anything that might have been said or done against me. I leave all of that strictly in the hand of God. Furthermore, I would say that I am thankful to God for the way that he has led me, for I can look back now, and see that my ministry has produced fruit for God’s kingdom. I am able to see certain people standing for the truth and endeavoring to line up with the word of God.

As time passed, and my opposition became greater, because of the stand that I had taken, I became very discouraged. These things bore heavy upon my mind, so that, by the fall of 1966 I had made up my mind to do something that would, once and for all, prove my stand for God, and give the people a chance to judge for themselves, why I stood as I did. I preached a message in Faith assembly which I titled, MY DEFENSE. We made copies of the message and sent them to every strategic point that we knew of, where the message of Bro William Branham was represented. I sent these tapes out, because it was my testimony as to why I had done and preached the things that I had, up until that hour. I received very few remarks from the message. Not even enough to know what the feelings of the people, as a whole, were. Therefore, I left it strictly in the hands of God, to work it out as He saw fit.

Vowing myself to God, I determined, once again, that whatever the cost, I would pursue my present course of standing for the word of God, rather than man’s ideas about the word, and the message, even if it cost me my friends, and everything in life. I said to God, in prayer, LORD, I AM NOT AFTER A NAME, NOT FAME, I AM ONLY INTERESTED IN ONE THING, FINDING THE WILL OF GOD FORE MY LIFE AND MINISTRY, AND PERFORMING THAT WITH ALL OF MY HEART.

I knew in my heart, and was still confident, as I remembered the words of that prophet, (though he never told me what the work was to be), that there was a work for me to do. At the same time, I knew that it would have to have a scriptural foundation. Two weeks had gone since I had sent out the message, MY DEFENSE, then one night I had another dream.


In this dream I saw myself going to the mailbox to get the mail. Returning to the house, I noticed in the mail a large envelope, something similar to one in which official documents are mailed. Coming into the house I was very excited wondering what was in the envelope. Tearing the front open I pulled the contents out and I could see that it was a minister’s license and the thought came to me, why am I getting a minister’s license? I have only held a minister’s license once in my entire life and that was with the Methodist church, yet here I am being presented, a minister’s license. WHO ARE THEY FROM? ( It was all so real in the dream.) As I looked at the minister’s license, I could see they were drawn up different than that which would be drawn up by some denomination, and furthermore I realized this, many people once they read this, will never believe what I am saying, simply because they have never been led in this manner, therefore there would be no basis for them to recognize it. Nevertheless, as I feel these dreams are true I tell them as my testimony in how God has led and directed me. I never ask God to do these things. As I looked upon the minister’s license I notice there was a blocked area and immediately my eyes fell upon a word printed in the very top of the license, (which was like a certificate). As I looked upon the word, I could see that it had been printed by Bro William Branham’s own hand, actually he had burned it in there with an engraving object, much like men engrave saddles with. At the top of the certificate or minister’s license was the word APOSTLE written in large bold letters. Underneath that in the area of writing where you read on any normal minister’s license, it read, Raymond M. Jackson being called of God is hereby ordained to preach the gospel according to, and in there in all that writing was written out, with an ink pen, in his own personal handwriting, with those different scriptures to back up my purpose in preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. At the bottom of the license certificate where normally the president of the association or organization or the bishop or elder of a particular denomination would sign his name, the signature read, WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM. Furthermore, I noticed up in the right-hand corner, where the date is placed to show when the license came in force, the date was August 1, 1965. That, brothers and sisters, was actually the day I related the dream to him about the horse! In his office that day he had told me what the horse signified, but not the work I was yet to do. Now here a little over a year later it all comes back in another dream, and there are the date and his signature, then this dream would show, scripturally, the work I was to do.

Awakening from the dream my heart was made to rejoice over this one thing, now I knew scripturally where I stood, what my calling was to fulfill, and I knew if I would remain loyal to God, and not listen to man, it is true, I would receive much ridicule, much opposition, and many, no doubt, would seek to destroy my influence, as they would attempt to mar the image of my person; yet I knew if I would remain faithful to God, He would see to it that this ministry to which He had called me would serve his purpose. I believe it to be a biblical ministry, and furthermore, I believe it is truly, spiritually, in line with the written Word of God. I realized if it is scripture, then as a minister of God I had a right to study the message which was brought to the age. I have that right from God to explain to people why there is so much confusion and contradiction among the people at large, over what this Prophet, Church Age Messenger taught to this age. At the same time I have no right to make myself above and beyond anything of any other minister. Yet I know somewhere, God is going to have someone who will have enough of God in his life, enough boldness, enough determination to stand for the true entire Word of God. No, he will not stand in defense of men’s flesh, but he will stand in defense of the resurrected Christ and the true revealed Word of God!

You may ask, how will we recognize an apostle in our day? I will just say, be true to God and he will reveal his end time ministry to you. As for signs and wonders, this all lays in the plan of God. It is his business to do whatever He wants to. Remember this, an APOSTLE’S ministry cannot be determined by signs. First of all you had a number of apostles in the scripture who never mentioned one word about a miracle or sign they performed. You would never be able to take the Bible, especially the book of Acts and prove, because of many signs and miracles, that a man was an apostle. On the contrary, signs and miracles were even in the lives of the deacons, Acts chapters 7 and 8. Therefore signs are not the basis to say a man is an apostle. An apostle holds a line on the revelation of the Word, protecting it against error, therefore when you hear some man say he is an apostle simply because he has great faith or because of signs which Mark 16:17 says follow the believer, if you will examine his ministry closely you will probably find that is all he majors in. Certainly there is nothing wrong with great faith in God, although that isn’t the qualification for the office of an apostle. Until that man has a revelation on the Word of God and the authority by God to absolutely apply it to the situation at large (through that revelation), then he will have to fill some other office; it isn’t that of an apostle. I repeat, no one fills the office of an apostle unless he absolutely has an authority from God to handle that Word. You recall the dream concerning the horse which I told Bro Branham and he interpreted the horse as being the POWER OF THE WORD. THE POWER OF THE WORD IS THE AUTHORITY TO USE IT.

Brothers and sisters: I have not told these dreams to exalt my flesh, for I know how vain a thing like that would be. I have told them, so that, all who read this article, may have an equal opportunity, to judge for themselves, whether they believe that God has led my life, and my ministry, over these past years, or not. As I said before, the apostle Paul presented his testimony in defense of his actions, therefore, I believe it is proper for me to do likewise. I cannot help what my critics may say, I must do what God has laid on my heart to do, and preach and teach, what he has showed me in these years since Bro Branham passed away. I feel that I must tell this next dream right here, for it will help you to understand why I preached these particular messages, when I did.

In March, after Bro Branham had passed away in December, I saw myself in a dream where Bro Branham came walking up to me, out in a field where I was walking. As he approached me, he said, Bro Jackson ;I want you to go speak for me. I said no, and he said, Why? At that, I said, They will not believe me. Now, in this dream, he never did say that they would believe me, he just said, again, Bro Jackson I want you to go speak for me, and again, I said, No, I will not. He came right back with, Why? I said, They will not listen to me. Then he spoke again, this time, his voice was very firm. He said, BRO. JACKSON: I WANT YOU TO GO SPEAK FOR ME. When he spoke is such a firm voice, then I saw myself take a pen and a little pad out of my pocket. Upon this pad, I wrote seven things. As I looked back upon the dream, I knew that it was seven titles, to seven certain types of messages. I wrote them on there, and handed it to him, and said, If I can speak on that, then, I will go, but, if not, then I will not speak. He took the paper, looked at it, then read it, and said, PERFECT. At that time, a smile came across his face, and he turned, and walked away. I started to follow, and that is when I awoke.

As I thought on that dream, I said, “If there is anything to that dream, then it will have to be something out of this book”, (the Bible). Brothers and sisters: The first thing that I had on that list, was, the Prehistoric world, and that was because of the statement that he made about all of the seed laying there from another creation. With that, I said, if there was a prehistoric world, then we have got to be able to find the traces of it, right here in this book. Therefore, when you read the article in one of the first Contenders, THE TESTING AND FALL OF SATAN , that is what it is all about.

The next thing on the paper was, THE SEED OF THE SERPENT. Bro Branham had taught that, but I had said, I will never preach on that until I know what the tree of life is, or was, for, if the tree of knowledge was pleasure, then the tree of life would have to be kindred in some respect. Later, when I was in North Carolina, one night, after I had been asked to speak on this subject, and I had said, I probably will, but thinking about what I had said to the Lord, about not preaching it until I knew what the tree of life was, (realizing, that none of the statements that were going around, on the subject, made any sense, nor offered any explanation), the Lord gave me a dream. In that dream, he showed me where the secret of it all laid. It was in the curse that God had placed on the woman. That curse being, And I will multiply thy conceptions. The word, conceptions, means, I will greatly multiply your periods. Now that is as plain as I can say it, brothers and sisters, and still keep it in proper language. I pray that you will understand. You will have to agree, that no woman would ever have a child, if she did not have a period. I do not believe that there is anyone who will challenge that, for that is what the period is all about. Right!? I was asked to preach on this subject in Norway, this time, and, you know, when you are among foreign people, you are a little reserved about speaking on certain subjects such as this one, because of their different social customs. Naturally, you do not know what their mental attitude is, about subjects of this nature, so I had been very reserved. Nevertheless, so many of the brethren came to me, asking me to deal with this subject of the serpent seed, that I felt like it was the will of God for me to do so. I went at it the best that I knew how, and when I was finished, every person that I talked with, said, that there was not one thing that they could not agree with or accept fully. There had been so much confusion, and so many questions about this subject, that it was necessary for it to be settled.

When God said, I will greatly multiply thy conceptions, He meant, that, the period that she originally would have had only once, for the purpose of fulfilling, we will say, a divine act between her and her husband, for the purpose of bringing another offspring of God into the world, would now be greatly multiplied, and that, with pain and suffering, because she had disobeyed God, and used the act for pleasure. I had better get back to my subject, that of the dream.

In that dream, as I saw the finger of God dealing in my mind, I saw myself out of my body, watching the finger of God write this, and, you know, as I watched the finger of God do this, I said to myself, in the dream, when He is finished, I will know something. That was exactly the way it turned out. The very minute that finger was finished, I was lying there in my bed wide awake, and the scripture of the curse on the woman was on my mind. I will have to say this, everywhere that I have taught this, it has been understood and accepted, or maybe I should say it like this, there has not been one person that has challenged it.

Now I am sure that, at least, some of you are wondering what the other five subjects were, that I had written on that pad. I will tell you the subjects, but not necessarily in the order that they were written there. The message on «The first resurrection» was one, the one on «The Millenium» was another, then there was the controversial message on «The seventy week of Daniel»This one still has many of my critics up in the air, but they will not challenge it with the scriptures. All they have are statements from the messages of Bro Branham, that they have taken out of context. «The woman in the revelation, chapter twelve» is another one, and «The 144000, that are sealed by the two profets» during the first half of Daniel’s week, is number seven. We have printed these messages, and they will be sent free to all who request them.


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