About us

Troendes Forsamling Verdal is a non-denominational church. We come together for service every wednesday and sunday all year. We are not affiliated with any organized church system, and all of the Bible is the basis for our preaching and teachings. Spiritual revelation is what drives us on, like so many other churches around the world.

Paul, one of the first original apostles, was an opponent of the faith that was practiced by the believers after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. A revelation on the way to Damascus turned his whole life around, and he who once was an opponent, became instead a humble and devoted follower and servant of Jesus Christ. At the end of his life he testified that he always had been faithful to the heavenly calling revealed to him (Acts 26:9-19)

In our day it seems that the Bible is only supposed to be read and memorized. Experiences and revelation is on a historical level, and if you receive a living message like Paul did, you will only be met with scepticism and doubt. The Spirit of God is still just as active today as He was in the early church. That’s why many people have had special experiences that changed their lives, just like Paul experienced.

Our congregation has grown out of the same revelations and experiences that the first christians had. Through the different pages of song, music, sermons and testimonies, pamphlets, mp3 and audio, you can get a lot of information that can be of help and education in your daily spiritual walk as a christian believer. All of the information on our website is available for general use and can be redistributet as long as the source material is not changed or edited in such a way that its message and purpose is distorted.

Consider what I say; and the Lord give you understanding in all things. (2. Tim 2:7)

Welcome to a website that can change you. The material on these pages have changed my life.

Rolf Strømmen