Photo from Ifugao

Warm meetings in the highlands of Ifugao

Warm meetings in Asipolo and Lagawe

We are having meetings in the highlands of Ifugao, traveling between two different areas, Asipolo and Lagawe. Thursday and Friday we went in the morning further up in the mountains here to Asipolo, about an hour away from Lagawe, where we stay now. Bro Elevera spoke there in the morning, and yesterday I got the afternoon meeting. The evening meetings in Lagawe is my responsibility. We are now in a highland area and the evenings are a little more comfortable with temperatures slightly below 30+ centigrades. The meeting rooms have only fans to circulate the stagnant heat, but it helps. Our friends here are used to this, so they rejoice anyway.

We’re travelling in the highlands of Ifugao, beetween Asipolo and Lagawe

After the sermons have been ministered, I hear how the Lord have worked in our midst and how the response to the multiple challenges has been exposed through the preaching. It’s a thing I will not comment on here, but it’s good to know that the Lord sees all things and knows how to provide answers at the appropriate time to those in need.

Last night I took a topic about how the Spirit of the Father speaks within us, and through us; and how we should relate to the challenges that stand before us. We know that all our trials are carefully calculated before the foundation of this world, and not one of them should break us, if we look up to our Father and keep ourselves close to Him. Anyway we look through the Bible stories how people tended to draw the short straw in many cases.

It tells of our mortality, and that we have not understood how close our Heavenly Father truly is to us. One can preach about perfection, but in the meantime we are working out salvation and perfection in our own way. We still have the five senses, and we let them rule our lives above anyting. The senses of this world seams to rule most of our decisions. The sixth sense is not cultivated with the same zeal and therefore we lose out on many blessings in life.

The Lord has given us a spiritual workshop

For this reason we come together to work out our Spiritual challenges. The Lord has given us a spiritual workshop where we can work together for our soul’s salvation, and constantly learn from the Spirit, and also from each other. Not that we are copying each other, but eventually realizing that God works today through many witnesses. So let us continue to work dilligently on our spiritual standard.

God bless you all!

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